[texhax] Will my Revtex Latex file, created in Overleaf, upload to Windows Miktex?

John C Frain frainj at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 22:53:01 CET 2019

On Tue, 8 Jan 2019 at 18:08, Arthur Pletcher <artpletcher at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Tech Support Team,
> I created a physics article (Revtex Latex) in Overleaf. Overleaf downloads
> a (.tex) file. However, a particular journal requires that I submit my
> article in a *".tex file created in Windows Miktex".* I assume that all
> .tex files are standardized, but I need to be certain that my file will
> upload to Windows Miktex (which I have never used). Can you provide an
> answer?
> Thank you.
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> Best regards,
> Art Pletcher
> 1-903-231-3522
It would make more sense if the requirement was Miktex or Scientific Word.
 Miktex contains the RevTex and should be able to compile your file. I
would recommend that  you

1. Install Miktex  - preferably using the default directories.  You may be
asked about installing missing packages - use the method that suits.

2 Install a (Latex) editor. I would recommend TeXstudio.  Again use default
directories if you can.  This will reduce the need for later configuration.

3. Open your file in the editor and it should compile.  The only possible
problem is that overleaf may include some special overleaf package in the
preamble.  If any such packages are included and they change basic latex
commands you will get error messages.  Some time ago I exchanged files file
between overleaf and texlive and did not encounter any problems.

4 One can say that the tex file produced in this way is Miktex compatible.

MacKichan Software offer an evaluation version of Scientific Word which is
usable for a month. I believe this also contains the revtex software.  As
far as I know Scientific Word contains its own version of Latex etc.  (It
could be MikTex or derived from Miltex)  If you download and install
scientific word open a new file and import your overleaf file.   I would
not anticipate any problems other than the overleaf problem mentioned

It is a long time since I looked at scientific word and you may need to
check details.  My conclusions after looking at scientific word was to
stick with a (Latex) editor and TexLive or Miktex.

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