alternatives to the concept of a page, Gutenberg press vs LCD screen

Peter Flynn peter at
Fri Aug 30 14:55:54 CEST 2019

On 29/08/2019 23:56, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
> IMO appearence is still the most important thing.  I'm not willing to
> buy an e-book reader for exactly this reason.  Technology is by far
> not advanced enough to make e-books a serious replacement for printed
> books.

I have not bought one for exactly the same reason.

But it gets worse. EPUB 3.2 is all very well and pretty, but it remains 
true that most ebook reader makers simply don't implement it, which 
makes the whole exercise difficult to manage. This is not just a 
hardware problem Ñ it's a software problem too: the spec is there, but 
no-one implements it properly.

There's a session (which I am teaching in) on how to create your own 
EPUB3 documents from XML at the XML Summer School next month if anyone 
is interested in finding out more about the insides.


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