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> LaTeX can be converted to HTML (eg Pandoc) but that's going backwards:
> the optimal workflow is to create XML or HTML, and then generate LaTeX
> from that, which I *much* more reliable. But HTML does not have the
> formatting scope of LaTeX, so it depends on your application.

For LaTeX to HTML conversion, see the tex4ht or lwarp packages, both of
which are still receiving recent updates.  There are some publishers
who successfully publish books from HTML, but I'd still prefer a
printed version from TeX, with HTML provided by a conversion, even if a
bit is lost in the process.  These days, though, you may be surprised
at how well it works.

> I'm not sure I understand this either: LaTeX already has logical
> structure markup (eg \section, \subsection etc), and this can be
> exposed as links in a PDF using the hyperref package. This can be
> extended to provide all kinds of other links.

I once saw a presentation by people who moved from PDF to web to
improve their documents.  They liked how well the links worked.  I
asked if they also had links in the old PDFs, and they did not...

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