Can anyone recommend a spell checker for tex files?

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Wed Aug 14 22:50:48 CEST 2019

Thanks all.  It took longer than I wanted but the suggestion from Uwe Ziegenhagen did the job.  I finally downloaded the open office dictionary.  There doesn't seem to be a way to add additional words that I use all the time, but it worked.

I actually have MS-Office on my computer (thanks to my computer centre which makes Office 365 the only email interface) but simply could not find their dictionaries.

As for what editor I use, I have been using it and its many upgrades for 35 years and have tuned it highly to make it easy to do tex (e.g. the F-10 key lays down a pair of dollar signs and leaves the cursor between them; F-11 and F-12 do the same for {} and () and there are other shortcuts) and I am not about to change.  What it doesn't have is an integrated spell-checker.  I used to have a very good one but it was a 16 bit program that doesn't run under later Windows.  The editor is called Kedit.  John McPhee once wrote a New Yorker essay about his use of it.

Anyway thanks for the help.  It might amuse you to know that I went through an entire 20+ page paper (at the insistence of a coauthor) and didn't find a single actual misspelling.


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The OP states that he uses a third-party editor. The tricky part here is to get the TeX codes and commands cleared out of the file to be spelled...not the speller itself since there are tons of them. This should be the job of this third party editor or of TeXshop, luatex or even detex...but my question is -- what is the application you used to run for that? I am not aware of any under MS-Windows.

Paulo Ney

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> All the answers I find on the web either require Luatex or that you be running under some version of Unix.  I use MS-windows and a third party editor.  I used to have a very good one, but it is 16 bit and all recent versions of Win won't run it.


I never use MS-windows, but aside from the texworks suggestion, you
could probably get a spell checker running under emacs, should that


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