problem with new MikTex and new emacs installations

Peter Flynn peter at
Wed Apr 3 10:10:16 CEST 2019

On 02/04/2019 15:40, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
> I'm probably in over my head.  Also, I'm not at that computer right now.
> But trying to remember from yesterday:
> 1. When I compiled a tex document in the newest Goulet emacs using tex
> -> pdf, I got the error about "Symbol TeX p" something.  But when I
> instead used tex -> dvi -> ps -> pdf, everything worked fine.

You posted a log file which (I think) you said was the output of pdflatex.

> 2. Does the -Q switch disable all the AUCTeX add-ons?  

No. -Q is an Emacs switch, not an AUCTeXC switch. It stops Emacs loading 
your .emacs file, and all the other startup files in your .emacs.d 
folder, and maybe some startup files in the distribution folders, I 
don't know exactly. All of them should happen long before it ever gets 
around to loading AUCTeX.

> If so, then how
> was I able to run pdflatex with C-c C-c (defaults to pdflatex) ENTER? I
> thought that key sequence was part of AUCTeX, not emacs itself.

I don't know why that is operative. C-c C-f RET is how you run normal 
TeX/LaTeX, and that's in tex-mode and latex-mode. I think you probably 
need to ask advice from an AUCTeX person on this.


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