[texhax] LGR for xelatex/lualatex

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Thu May 24 11:00:39 CEST 2018

 >|>     It makes no more sense to use LGR encoded Greek in
 >|> Couldn't it, if the author wants to use ASCII
 >|> transliterations instead of actual Unicode Greek? Which
 >|> may be desirable in their particular circumstance. -k
 >|People will find a use for anything but LGR isn't really
 >|documented as a usable transliteration scheme, just as an
 >|internal font encoding, and you'd still get nonsensical
 >|hyphenation and meaningless code points in the resulting
 >|PDF. It would be far better to use a font with Greek in
 >|the Unicode Greek slots and transliterate using a TECKit
 >|or other mapping that is designed to produce a usable

I have no reason to think the user who requested LGR support
for FiraSans intends to use xelatex or lualatex. Or that
hyphenation is an issue for him; the only example I've
been sent involved using sans-serif Greek letters in math
formulas. At least two other font packages support LGR
encoding, which seems to be a de facto standard.

Using the type1 font to reproduce whatever pdflatex does
seems like a satisfactory approach in the font package for
users who might naively switch to xelatex or lualatex and
expect comparable output. "Nonsensical" hyphenation is the
user's problem, not mine.


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