[texhax] conflict babel-makeindex

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Jun 7 18:35:50 CEST 2018

Am Sun, 3 Jun 2018 22:56:09 +0200 schrieb Carlos Gómez Bermúdez:

> Hi
> When \usepackage[greek,english,spanish]{babel} is present, the index 
> show only entries of the mainmatter, but no those of frontmatter.
> If I work without babel (view the precedent line) Index show all 
> entries, why?

spanish change the (roman) number format and makeindex can handle
this. You can use


and then you must call makeindex file.eix instead of makeindex

See also the documentation of babel-spanish. 

Or don't use roman page numbering in the front matter. 

Ulrike Fischer 

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