[texhax] Don't manage to use opmac

Joseph Wright joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 11:46:18 CEST 2018

On 03/07/2018 08:19, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
> Joseph Wright <joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk> writes:
>> On 03/07/2018 08:05, Rodolfo Medina wrote:
>>> Hi.
>>> I wanted to give `opmac' a try, but again and again am going to crash
>>> against `file not found' error messages...  Anybody out there who has
>>> experience about those macros and how to import them and make them work...?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Rodolfo
>> For example
>>      \input opmac %
>>      \tit Document title
>>      \chap Chapter title
>>      \sec Section title
>>      \secc Subsection title
>>      The chapters are numbered by one number, sections
>>      \bye
> Yes, thanks, but the file `opmac' is `not found', and even when I copy it in
> the directory other files turn to be `not found'...  texlive is currently
> installed in my Linux system...

OPmac is a standard part of TeX Live, so there should be no issue. At 
the terminal, what does

     kpsewhich --all opmac.tex



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