[texhax] Sept17 TUG news: conferences, books, calendar, TUGboat

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Fri Sep 8 00:41:12 CEST 2017

Dear \TeX{}ers,

Summer (Winter for those to the South) days are over, and the Fall
(Spring) is upon us.  Many of us will spend the some of the coming days
at TeX Conferences: the 11th ConTeXt meeting (Butzbach-Maibach, Germany,
September 11-17) and the 14th annual GuIT meeting (Mestre, Italy,
October 21, 2017).  And looking forward to 2018, let me remind you about
PracTeX 2018 in Troy (NY, USA) in June and TUG2018 in Rio de Janeiro
(Brazil) in July. https://tug.org/meetings/ has more information and links.

I've just received the latest TeX Live DVD and the fresh issue of
TUGboat with the TUG at BachoTeX 2017 proceedings.  Many thanks to both TL
and TUB teams for their great work!  We are finishing the work on the
next TUGboat issue (38:3).  If you missed the deadline, please don't
neglect to submit items for 39:1 - manuscripts for the next regular
issue are accepted until March 16.  Please check
https://tug.org/tugboat/ for submission information.

As usual, we publish book reviews for the coming TUGboat issue ahead
of time.  We have a very interesting review by Peter Wilson, who
discusses two books by Keith Houston:  Shady Characters and The Book
(see https://tug.org/books/reviews/tb120reviews-houston.html).  
Older reviews can be found on https://tug.org/books/.

Peter Wilson also gave us another present: the TeX calendar for 2018,
for a4 and letter paper as usual: https://tug.org/calendar/18/
calendar features manuscripts 1225--1800.

As always, many packages have been released or updated on CTAN.  Let me
mention just one: everybody's favorite tikzducks
(https://ctan.org/pkg/tikzducks) now has a duck with football, crown,
beret, baguette, hockey, pizza, cake, lightsaber, graduate hat,
superhero cape and many more.

Happy TeX{}ing to all,
Boris Veytsman (TUG president)

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