[texhax] How do write in two or more lines using overbraces/underbraces?

Darío darioslc at openmailbox.org
Wed Jul 19 01:12:08 CEST 2017

Hello, in the next code I would like to that in the overbrace appear in 
two lines the words "es 0 porque $\Psi_1$ cumple la ecuación de 
Schrödinger", because when compile the constant a_1 appears very far, 
the same with the sign = on the right.

-\frac{\hbar^2}{2m}a_1\frac{\partial^2\Psi_1}{\partial x^2}+Va_1-i\hbar 
a_1\frac{\partial\Psi_1}{\partial t}&=0\nonumber\\
x^2}+V-i\hbar\frac{\partial\Psi_1}{\partial t}\right)}_{\text{es 0 
porque $\Psi_1$ cumple la ecuación de Schrödinger}}&=0\nonumber

I would like to appear something like this (then of compile):
"es 0 porque $\Psi_1$ cumple
la ecuación de Schrödinger"

I tried with \\ but do not works

Thanks a lot!

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