[texhax] no download possible

Justin C. Walker justin at me.com
Thu Dec 14 04:40:20 CET 2017

> On Dec 13, 2017, at 17:29 , Joachim von zur Gathen <gathen at bit.uni-bonn.de> wrote:
> Hi TUG,
> I try to download MacTeX.pkg from
> http://www.tug.org/mactex/mactex-download.html on my MacOS 10.13.1 with
> Firefox 57.0.1 and with Tor Browser 4.5.2. In either case, I get a file
> mactex-20170524.pkg with zero bytes.
> What can I do?

Try Safari?  Is there a problem using that browser?  It’s *strongly recommended* according to the website :-}

FWIW, I just tried this (with Safari) on macOS 10.11.6.  It’s happily downloading (up to 1GB already).  Can you tell whether the download sees an error?  Is there anything of interest in the system logs?  There should be some indication if you only get 0 bytes...


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