[texhax] CTAN upload — images files for the documentation

Gerd Neugebauer gene at gerd-neugebauer.de
Mon Nov 28 13:43:28 CET 2016

> On 28 November 2016 at 12:19 Brian Dunn <bd at bdtechconcepts.com> wrote:


> I have a package whose documentation PDF includes public-domain
> images.  These images are not required to generate the .sty file; they
> are only used in the documentation itself.  This documentation is
> produced from a .dtx file.  It is generally recommended that the
> documentation may be reproduced by the user if necessary, which would
> imply that the images should be available.

> 1. Should these image files in fact be included in a CTAN upload?

Yes. The documentation is preferred to be available in source form.

> 2. Should the identical image files be re-included each time there is an
> update to a new version?  (They add up to around 1 MB).

Yes. The upload is processed partially automatic. Anything but a full upload
(containing all files) is an additional burdenfor the upload managers.

> 3. Should the images be in a sub-folder such as "images"?  In theory
> this may help the CTAN maintainers during updates, especially if I note
> that the images have not changed.

You can organize your files in directories. See the upload page for some hints.
Using a sub-folder for images is a good idea.
In any case you should upload _all_ files -- regardless whether they have
changed or not. Currently there is no tool for partial uploads.

> 4. Should the image files have a prefix of the package name?  Ex:
> "packagename_image1.jpg".  It may be of some advantage to have unique
> file names.

Since they live in your own space there is no need of any special name

> Brian

Gerd (webmaster at ctan.org)

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