[texhax] cals RTL feedback request

Oleg Parashchenko olpa at uucode.com
Wed Nov 23 10:55:49 CET 2016


the package `cals` provides multipage tables with straddling and
decorations. The development version natively supports right-to-left
environment. However, I'm a left-to-right man and can't check if my
implementation is correct.

The call for testing: please test `cals` as much as you can and report

As the starting point use the document "bididemo.tex" from the package:
Here is the current PDF:

I use `bidi` in the example. However, any RTL-package with the commands
`\if at RTL` and `\hboxR` should probably work.

Note that `cals` package should be loaded after `bidi`, otherwise
`bidi` applies patches, that are not anymore good.

If you can provide a nice RTL example for the `cals` documentation, it'd
be very helpful.

Oleg Parashchenko

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