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I was not sure what the OP was asking but web pages can be rather transient 
and maybe the best citations are direct quotes with URL and ideally an
archive URL. I had just written some scripts to scan a URL for bibtex entries
to more permanent articles but maybe a page scraper scripts would help in this case? 
I do vaguely recall modifying one bibtex entry type for my owny use and that process is not too difficult
if you want to add specific features. 
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> From: Armand Attia <armandvictor at gmail.com<mailto:armandvictor at gmail.com>>
> Please let me know how to setup
> and cite reference to web articles.
> I am running TeXShop version 3.75 on Mac with Sierra.

Are you asking which bib entry-types to use?

Check The LaTeX Companion, 2e, pg 763
for the list of entry types.

In my own papers I use the inproceedings type.
This usage has a number of problems:
* booktitle what to call the 'proceedings'
* author, this can be found in the history of the page

The misc entry-type may be appropriate.
While no fields are required in misc
author, title, howpublished, month, year, and note
are the optional fields listed.

Ron Fehd  Atlanta GA

 year  = 2008,
 author={Editor R.J. Fehd},
 title ={Cardinality-Ratio},
 note  ={topics: definition and programs},
 url   ={http://www.sascommunity.org/wiki/Cardinality_Ratio}}

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