[texhax] [tex-live] problems with tl2016 pretest

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at acadiau.ca
Sat May 14 14:44:41 CEST 2016

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 08:56 (+0900), Norbert Preining wrote:

>> Sorry, I thought the meaning of "overlap" is fairly obvious.

> Ok, multi-process you wanted to say.
No.  The program could be multi-threaded.  And, in fact, a program
written in C (or other languages) could do these things concurrently
in a single-threaded process (with some programming effort).  My
two-process pseudo-code was just one way of doing that, so for me to
have said "multi-process" would be wrong.

> No, as Karl said, we don't to multi-process stuff here, as this is
> not reliable across 20+ arch/os combinations.
I don't mind if windows users do it the slow way :-)
If the "unix" solution is "POSIX-compliant" then it should cover a lot
of combinations without special cases needed.

> Or at least I don't want to debug it ;-)
Fair enough.

>> So I think it is more likely something in my Perl setup that is messed
>> up.
> If normal wget/ftp access works, this sounds likely.  Maybe only
> the LWP modules is broken?
I did find one (system) Perl file
(/usr/share/perl5/vendor_perl/LWP/Protocol/http.pm) that had been
changed somewhere along the line.  I have yet to track down how that
happened, but I think that was the problem.  (I tried installing on
another very-similarly configured machine and it was all good there,
and the only difference I found was the above http.pm.)



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