[texhax] lwarp update, and fonts with multiple TexLive versions

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Sat Mar 26 22:06:41 CET 2016

Brian Dunn:
> lwarp had conflicts with newer versions of some packages
> (now seemingly resolved in v0.13).
> It turns out that when you install vanilla TexLive in parallel
> with a Debian-packaged TexLive, you end up with a mess of fonts,
> as things are found in several places. A purge of the Debian
> packages took care of that problem.
> I shall avoid posting here about future updates of lwarp.
> Check the site every now and then if you are interested.
> One person has sent nice list of suggestions for the documentation.
> I'd still like to hear from someone with a Windows box how well
> it goes on that op-system.

I have realized that some (La)TeX-to-... conversion tools 
(and other TeX-related software) are not submitted to CTAN, 
not understanding why. The ctan-ann mailing list is a 
straightforward medium for reporting improvements of TeX-related
software submitted to CTAN. You upload your update together with 
a changelog summary, and a few hours later everybody curious 
about advances in using TeX sees it (thanks to a few near to 
too idealistic volunteers).

-- Uwe.

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