[texhax] lwarp package — CaptionSeparator

Haines Brown haines at histomat.net
Tue Mar 22 19:41:19 CET 2016

On Mon, Mar 21, 2016 at 12:19:18PM -0500, Brian Dunn wrote:
> On Monday, March 21, 2016, Haines Brown wrote:

> > ERROR: LaTeX Error: Command \CaptionSeparator already defined.
> Start with the documentation in "lwarp.pdf", under "Usage" (which I am going to
> rename to something more descriptive!). There are some changes to make in the
> preamble, and a few additional files to set up.
> I recommend that you start with the test suite, which will ensure that the
> toolchain is working on your computer.
> I'm not sure which package is actually causing that error. lwarp uses
> \providecommand, and babel uses \def. Perhaps another package tries to create
> the same macro name. What filename is mentioned in the output log just before
> that error message appears?

Brian, as am amateur struggling to understand the lwarp manual, perhaps
my blunders will be helpful.

I went to the test_suite. I switched from warpprint to warpHTML; from book to
article; uncommented the line \newbool{dotitlingpage}; uncommented
\booltrue{dotitlingpage} . Then compiled. 

Same fatal error as before, so I comment
\providecommand{\CaptionSeparator}{:} line in test_suite lwarp.style
file. Now only two non-fatal errors:

> ! Package etoolbox Error: Boolean '\ifdocustomtitling' undefined.
> l.309 ...}{Used maketitle without a titlingpage.}}

> ! Package tikz Error: Sorry, some package has redefined the meaning of
> the math -mode dollar sign. This is incompatible with tikz and its
> calc library and might cause unrecoverable errors.

The compilation finishes. However, no test_suite.html file showed up in
the test_suite folder. Or is the output sent to sample_output directory?
I displayed a couple of them there and saw what I expected. I looked at
the test_suite.pdf and it displays html markups, which is not what I

In terms of my working document, following the manual I see that I need
to insert this environment into the preface, but failed to understand
what packages I need to include within it. I gather than inputenc and
fontenc are accessed by default, but do I need an obvious package such
as {mathptmx}? {biblatex} is obviously needed for html, and so should
the \usepackage for it be moved into the warpHTML environment? Do I need
commands like pagenumbering{arabic}?




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