[texhax] latexml discussion

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Mar 22 15:53:44 CET 2016

Deyan Ginev wrote:

> First, and this is important, please do not refer to latexml as a "Perl
> script". 

No offence intended, and profuse apologies proffered.

> If we had an exhaustive list of all features offered by the various
> engines, then we could go through it and tell you what latexml could
> handle (where applicable). Getting that list may be the hardest ordeal
> here. 


> That also sounds like a check-list worth adding to the manual.

That would be much appreciated.

> Btw, I think the examples you enumerated are all supported.

Excellent news.

> Feel free to try latexml on (ever larger) minimal examples of your
> macros, and if you see it gasping for breath - please let us know! It
> has become ever harder to find isolated flaws of the TeX interpretation,
> so any help with that would be very valuable.

I don't have any "minimal examples" but I do have fully developed (and,
of course, arcane) programs, and when I next have spare time I will let
it loose on one (or more).

Philip Taylor

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