[texhax] lwarp package — Native LaTeX to HTMLconversion

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Mar 22 11:00:15 CET 2016

David Carlisle wrote:

> I can only assume you've never looked at xii.tex, the example 
> mentioned earlier in the thread, (which is typical plain tex markup,
>  not "basic LaTeX markup" :-)

Er, no. Should I have ?!

OK, so if "xii.tex" is anything to go by, this Perl script is capable of
handling at least some of TeX's more arcane features. What would be
really useful (IMHO) is if the author could list (a) the more arcane
features that it is known to support (e.g., catcode changes, lc/uccode
changes, \uppercase/lowercase, ^^ notation, ^^^^ notation, etc) and (b)
those features that it is known not yet to support, if any (if he/she
has not already done so). Also the extent to which it supports some or
all of the extensions and enhancements offered by {e-TeX, PdfTeX, XeTeX,

Kaveh wrote :

> Phil, I wouldn't give it much chance of parsing your complex macros. 
> From what I remember even TeX struggles with those. ;-)

Oh, it usually manages (on a good day. The hard part (so my Polish
friends tell me) is translating the five levels of subordinate clauses
that I typically use in my descriptions of how they work :-)

** Phil.

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