[texhax] lwarp package — Native LaTeX to HTML conversion

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Mon Mar 21 01:08:57 CET 2016

> This is a LaTeX package which causes LaTeX to directly generate HTML tags,
> using pdftotext and a few other utilities to convert the resulting PDF file
> into HTML files.

The approach is interesting, yet if you convert LaTeX to PDF 
and the result to HTML, the meaning of "direct" forbids calling 
this a "direct" generation of HTML. It is just as "direct" as 
the late Eitan Gurari's tex4ht.

I have never used tex4ht, but my impression is that this is the 
most promising way to get HTML from LaTeX. So you should tell
what lwarp offers that tex4ht doesn't.

Now as to "native": There are LaTeX-to-HTML converters that use 
Perl or things like this (Pandoc). For those I could accept 
calling them "direct" conversion, but not "native", as they use 
external software for the conversion rather than the LaTeX 
typesetting system. A problem with this approach is that the 
author's custom macros cannot be processed.

I should not advertise my blog package in the moreyhpe bundle


(at present) but the original posting provokes the question 
of what "native" conversion of LaTeX to HTML could be: 
With blog.sty, the source code is actually parsed by LaTeX 
(I consider it so perverse to parse LaTeX source code 
 by non-TeX software), and it "directly" \writes HTML, 
the TeX macros expand to HTML.



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