[texhax] CTAN: TeX, not LaTeX

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Mar 15 11:27:21 CET 2016

hymie! wrote:
> I use TeX as my primary text processing language.  I'm trying to get a
> little fancy with some of my stuff, and I'm looking at CTAN for
> modules that might help.
> Most (if not all) of the modules and stuff on CTAN is for LaTeX.
> How can I find modules, add-ins, tips, tricks, and such that are
> strictly for TeX and not for LaTeX?

I also use plain TeX, but tend to write everything from scratch; if you
can tell me what sort of things you are trying to attempt, I may be able
to offer some ideas.

Philip Taylor

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