[texhax] \c using ec fonts

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sat Feb 20 23:03:38 CET 2016

 >|\c being an under-accent is defined in latex via
 >|\DeclareTextCommand but the code (presumably from some on
 >|c.t.t. answer?) defines that as
 >|  \def\DeclareTextCommand#1#2{\xdtcmd}%not today
 >|which isn't a good omen.

David: I'm currently the maintainer of musixec.tex but I
don't know the history or where that code comes from.

 >|Just define \c to be the T1  ç  if #1 is c or constructed under accent
 >|\input musixtex
 >|\input musixec
 >|     \ifx c#1\char231\else\setbox\z@\hbox{#1}\ifdim\ht\z@=1ex\accent11 #1%
 >|     \else{\ooalign{\unhbox\z@\crcr
 >|        \hidewidth\char11\hidewidth}}\fi\fi}

Yes, that works; thanks. 

I just happened to discover the problem with \c{c}. Do I
need similar treatments for other \c{.} uses? There seem
to be other cedilla-ed glyphs in sfrm1000.pfb, such as
C-cedilla and t-cedilla.

Bob T.

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