[texhax] Question about cwebmac.tex

Igor Liferenko igor.liferenko at gmail.com
Mon Feb 1 09:35:34 CET 2016


What we need is to find such test.w file, which demonstrates the
difference when we use \expandafter and when we don't.

I came up with the following considerations:

This gives three occurrences:

$ grep -i fit `kpsewhich cwebmac.tex` | grep Fit
       pdf: dest (\romannumeral\secstar) [ @thispage /FitH @ypos ]}}}\fi\fi}
    [ @thispage /FitH @ypos ] >>}\fi
      /Dest [ @thispage /FitH @ypos ] >>}

This gives two occurrences:

$ grep -i fit `kpsewhich cwebmac.tex` | grep -v Fit
     \let\*=\empty\pdfdest num \secstar fith}}
  \ifpdftex \makebookmarks \pdfdest name {NOS} fitb

But \pdfoutline is used 3 times. How does it determite which \pdfdest
to take for an extra \pdfoutline?
Maybe finding the answer to this will lead to the solution...

Also, there is a small typo (to make dvi and pdf variants to
correspond each other) - `fitb' should be changed to `fith'.


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