[texhax] Overpic and placing defined blocks of text

richard terry rterry at internode.on.net
Wed Sep 23 00:31:21 CEST 2015

Hi List,

Hope this reaches the list, my first post. To put this in context I've 
used a little bit of latex, nothing really complex and relative novice 
without a good computer brain.

I've just used it to print data out onto forms, sometimes generate 
de-novo, at other times as in the case of this question, using overpic 
to print onto an existing PDF form.

Mostly the text I have to put on the form is really basic like 
name/address etc, in which case I just use \put.

I have several spots on my latest form I need to put a larger amount of 
text in a text block at (x,y) with a certain width in cm and hieght in cm.

I've looked at a number of possible commands and can't seem to get any 
to work.

I wondered if anyone who uses overpic can give me a concrete example 
(not just the syntax)  of how to do this.

Thanks in anticipation.


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