[texhax] Needing package imakeidx

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Fri Sep 4 09:17:32 CEST 2015

You are not telling which LaTeX installation you are using (and the exact version)

On my TeX Live (on which MacTeX, the most widely used LaTeX dist for Mac, is based), I get

$~> tlmgr show imakeidx
package:     imakeidx
category:    Package
shortdesc:   A package for producing multiple indexes.
longdesc:    The package enables the user to produce and typeset one or more indexes simultaneously with a document. The package is known to work in LaTeX documents processed with pdflatex, xelatatex and lualatex. If makeindex is used for processing the index entries, no particular setting up is needed when TeX Live is used. Using xindy or other programs it is necessary to enable shell escape; shell escape is also needed if splitindex is used.
installed:   Yes
revision:    31166
sizes:       src: 69k, doc: 501k, run: 17k
relocatable: Yes
cat-version: 1.3a
cat-date:    2014-02-26 23:03:13 +0100
cat-license: lppl1.3
collection:  collection-latexextra

meaning that imakeidx is installed on my system.

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I'm at the end of an 800-page book doing the index and need package imakeidx.  However, I have not found any way I can understand about how to install the package.  I know from ShareLatex that it will solve my problem because they have shown me that it does.  I have TeX Live Utility, but installing imakeidx gives no result.

I am trying on both Mac OS 10.10 and 10.6.


Dr. Robert M. Jones
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