[texhax] First replies: problems of text's positionings in balloons with «xdvi» and «Pstricks».

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Thu Mar 12 17:00:13 CET 2015

Yves Perret wrote at 2015-03-11 12:28 +0100:
> I was able to find time during this morning to
> take from the original script a "minimal" script named
> «algorigramme_minimal.latex» and attached to this email.

I have compiled a new .dvi from the new source. 
What may be interesting (for xdvi developers?) 
is that the earlier

    xdvi.bin: Warning: Raw Postscript commands
    on page 2 may be rendered incorrectly.

does not appear with the new version (while the 
visible problem remains).

Mr Perret, however:

A "minimal" example consists of 10 or 20 or so code 
lines. The problem probably can be reproduced with 
"xyz" or so instead of the French characters that your 
file enables, and the colours probably don't matter.
Comment lines neither are needed.
A single balloon probably has the same problem.

> The fine named «2015¦03¦11#traçage_des_événements_liés_à_«xdvi».txt»
> gives details of the messages subsequent to the instruction «xdvi
> -debug 4000» "name_fo_file.dvi".

-debug 4000, as I see it, only shows that there are no 
troubles with kpathsearch. 

However, I personally will not investigate anything more.
Do you doubt that the problem is due to xdvi's limited
PostScript rendering capabilities? Are you asking list 
readers to help you with a feature request that you want
to send to xdvi's maintainer, or to xdvik's? Instead,
we have proposed at least four ways to get your diagrams
with existing software. If you don't find these suggestions
in your mailbox, see them on


Reinhard Kotucha may have more fun with your code 
(including the content of PostScript-\specials) than 
I have. Otherwise, I would only spend more time with 
your issue after you have clearly told what your goal is.

Uwe Lueck.

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