[texhax] Where does package doclicense live in TeXLive?

Paul Gessler pdgessler at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 20:15:52 CET 2015

The doclicense package is just over a month old, so it's entirely
possible that none of the Debian and Gentoo maintainers/packagers have
picked up on its release and added it to one of the distro packages.
Two quick Google searches seem to confirm this, but I could be wrong.
Searching Google for

    doclicense.sty site:debian.org


    doclicense.sty site:gentoo.org

show no relevant results. Searching this way for a file known to be
included in a distro package (Google "mhchem.sty site:debian.org", for
example) returns the web page for the file list of the distro's
package containing this CTAN package. If you do not want to go the
manual update route, I think you should contact the distro's
maintainer/packager for TeX Live to ask about having it added.

If anyone has better advice, please feel free to chime in—I'm by no
means an expert on Linux packaging requests!


On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 1:30 PM, Gordon Haverland
<ghaverla at materialisations.com> wrote:
> I found doclicense at CTAN after seeing it mentioned on StackExchange.
> It is supposed to be part of TeXLive.  But searching Debian.org for
> files with a name including doclicense doesn't even get the common hits
> of doclicense.txt being part of many packages.  Not that I am trying to
> do this on Debian (I am temporarily on Gentoo, hoping to move to Devuan
> soon).
> I have found a page at tug, about updating TeXLive manually, but I
> thought I should pursue trying to look for a package update from Gentoo
> (or Debian) first.
> I hope I haven't confused everyone.
> Gord
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