[texhax] Problems of text's positionings in balloons with «xdvi» and «Pstricks».

Yves Perret yves.perret at megamail.org
Fri Mar 6 12:48:42 CET 2015

Dear everybody,

today, since the time permit it me, I resumed my textual posiitoning
with «xdvi» and «Pstricks».

I inform you, let me say in passing, that I am a programmer man and
nearly a specialist in PostScript® language !.

I discovered, as a matter of fact I remember, that the «xdvi» admits
the option «-debug <code numéral>», and I made no bones about using
this possibility. Did somone among you know it ?.
In brief, I succeed at last in producing a detailed log file, which is
attached to this email; it is named
«2015¦03¦06#traçage_des_événements_liés_au_terminal.txt» .

The lines there n°600 to n°606 contain a comment which marks out a
stopping place in the progress of messages appearance, when one pushes
on the button «Next» of the viewer dvi-files.

Now, I presume, you have all the possible pieces of informations, which
will allow you to have a clear understanding and I hope which will
allow you to fix this situation.

Good reading (interpretation) to each one.

Yves Perret, engineer at «ScientificVisual».
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