[texhax] EXTERNAL: Re: Use of \symbol{`\_} versus \symbol{'137} toproduce\verb+_+ in moving arguments.

Beuthe, Thomas thomas.beuthe at cnl.ca
Mon Mar 2 21:26:34 CET 2015


>> In my short example, using \symbol{'137} worked
>> whereas using \symbol{`\_} did not.
>The argument of the second form contains a command/macro token "\_",
>whose expansion caused your trouble, see my previous answer.
>The argument of the first form only contains simple
>unexpandable character tokens (with catcode other/12).

Ah.  I must have missed or misunderstood your previous answer then.
This is what I suspected, but it's nice to have this confirmed.

Thank you, this should close out the discussion for now then.


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