[texhax] Having trouble with roman numerals

David Niklas great123456 at mail.com
Fri Jun 19 15:28:53 CEST 2015

> > P.S.: Funtoo [...] Sadly, all the latex packages are 
> > in three bundles as of this writing, making it 
> > difficult to figure out which package does what 
> > for you.  
> Same here on Lubuntu/Debian TeX Live up to a factor 
> of about 10, until suddenly maintainers thought that 
> with APT there were no need for tlmgr, I have prepared 
> a rude posting about this weeks ago.  BTW: what's 
> your name?  I seems to vary.

Sorry for the deception, I use a *Free* mail service called mail.com
and they seem to had out my address and they send me spam so, I
changed my name in the account prefs years ago and so all the messages
I get saying something like "Hello Frank" I know are spam. After much
time, learning, and other troubles, I used nmap and a couple of
guesses and found out the servers mail ports and so now I'm using
claws-mail (Yeh!) and so I don't have use my account name when sending
email. I have been maintaining a fake persona up to now because it was
easier then explaining to everyone why I signed my name as one thing
and sent it as another.

> More detailed about what at least one found rude 
> and/or ridiculus, on the fact that there is no 
> problem with Roman numerals and no information 
> about where to place a copyright mark, on the 
> basis of which useful advice could be given:
> > Well, page numbering in pdf, ps, and dvi files the
> > numbering starts at the title, so I assumed that 
> > that's what your supposed to do when you publish 
> > pdf/ps/dvi docs.  Where should I put it, ideally?
> put *what*?

Currently I have three pages all called 1 in xdvi when I open my doc
whereas when I open someone else's book, then the page numbering starts
from i.

> RK > You can't say \copyright{Frank Ernest 2015++} 
> RK > because the control sequence \copyright isn't 
> RK > defined anywhere or, if it is defined, has
> RK > another meaning (it usually prints the copyright 
> RK > symbol).
> > Yes, that's what I thought, so, what markup keyword 
> > should I use?
> I insist, even after another morning, that you cannot 
> expect a useful answer unless you tell what you want 
> to *achieve* by such a markup keyword.  Something like 
>     \textcopyright\ Frank Ernest 2015++
> will place a respective string at a *single* place 
> in the book.  However, when you change your original
>     \date{04/22/2015}
>     %copyright{Frank Ernest 2015++}
>     \maketitle
> into 
>     \date{04/22/2015}
>     \textcopyright\ Frank Ernest 2015++
>     \maketitle
> that single place will be two pages *before* the 
> title page.  I insist even after a few mornings that 
> this would be horrible.  (It would also conflict
>  with your idea that page numbering starts with the 
>  book's title.  Actually, when looking into real 
>  books, you may observe that two pages before the 
>  title page, which names authors/editors, there is 
>  a page with the book's title only.)
> When I typed my previous posting, I wondered what 
> you expect a "copyright markup keyword" below
> \author and \date and above \maketitle to result in.  
> One interpretation is that you hope it results in 
> placing the copyright string on the title page by 
> \maketitle, as with \author and \date.  However, with 
> Standard LaTeX, there is *no* "keyword" that inserts 
> such a copyright statement on the title page 
> straightforwardly; while you could use \author or 
> even \date
>     \date{06/16/2015\\[1ex]
>           \textcopyright~Frank Ernest++}
> or, perhaps more straightforwardly, \thanks.
> I know about ways to place the copyright string on 
> each page or on almost every second page, I told 
> you, should *that* turn out to be your idea.
> I did think of a code line for the copyright 
> *above* \maketitle that could make sense:  With 
> hyperref.sty, you can insert *metadata*, such 
> as the author's name, by the keyword "pdfauthor", 
> see section 3.7 of the manual.  I can't find 
> "pdfcopyright", but "pdfinfo" might be used for 
> such a purpose, not sure about "pdfproducer".
> However, such information inserted in the PDF will 
> not be printed, it may rather appear in the top 
> line of the PDF viewer window, at least it may be 
> shown among the *file properties* (right-click at 
> the PDF file icon).
> I still don't know whether this is what you intend.
> Looking at real-life books again, copyright marks
> seem to be printed on the *back page of the title 
> page* usually.  So \textcopyright might help *below* 
> \maketitle.  This may be most recommendable.
> There is a problem *not* related to TeX:
> The copyright owner in the first instance is the 
> *author*.  The author more usually transfers the 
> copyright to the publisher.  I doubt that *you* 
> get the copyright when you just are the copy 
> typist of
>     \author{David Niklas}
> Rather, your name will be mentioned "last, not least" 
> at the end of the author's preface, nowhere else in 
> the book (and without a copyright mark), sorry.
> If you are not the author's copy typist, but work 
> for the publisher, please ask at that company.  
> Otherwise you should know that as the author's typist, 
> (usually) it is *not your job* to create the pages 
> around the title page which do not display (even) 
> Roman page numbers.  By
>     \documentclass[11pt,oneside,a4paper]{book}
> you only get a rough idea of how the book could look 
> like, just while preparing the manuscript before it is 
> actually submitted to the publisher.  (The final book 
> probably won't be "oneside" and "a4paper".)  There 
> also are book classes especially for certain disciplines 
> of science, such as amsbook.cls, whose output resembles 
> the look provided by the publisher better.  
> Some publishers offer the classes by which they 
> typeset their books in the web or even on CTAN.  
> Anyway, publishers have their own ideas and means 
> for creating the title pages.
> In the latter respect, you just shouldn't deal 
> with what you are asking.
> (I have thought of "well-reputed" publishers here, 
>  not of "cheap" ones or "self-publishing".)
> \thanks,
>     Uwe.

Currently, I don't have a publisher, this is my fist book (horrors,
another newbie!) So I just wanted on copyright statement, and I thought
it best to place it under the author and date in small print.

> P.S.:  I heard a local Gentoo user group fell apart,
> maybe the about 3 members forked to about 7 Gentoo 
> derivates.

Not surprised, they have some issues over there, not the least of
which is friendliness (which is why I prefer a benevolent dictator :)

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