[texhax] umlauts in times

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Sat Jul 25 17:24:53 CEST 2015

 >|> I'm not an umlaut user, but I need to fix a musixtex package
 >|> that supports Times fonts (musixtmr.tex). I thought changing
 >|> ptmr7t to ptmr8r would *enable* accented glyphs but am
 >|> surprised that it *disables* traditional commands like \",
 >|> used in legacy documents.
 >|It doesn't disable it. But in 7t encoded fonts the diaresis accent is
 >|on position "7F and in 8t (I wouldn't use 8r) it is on "04 and the ü
 >|glyph on position "FC:
 >|\accent"7F u
 >|\myrm \accent"04 u \char"FC
 >|If you are willing to live with accents you can try
 >|\def\"#1{{\accent"04 #1}}
 >|This will *not* handle the input side. For this you would have to do
 >|something like inputenc does. For more complicated solutions which
 >|would give access to the real glyphs see

This looks hopeless. After all, the umlaut is just one of
the accented characters that a document might use. I think
I'd better revert to 7t fonts and let users figure out how
to enable ü etc. with whatever input encodings they're


Bob T.

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