[texhax] Trying to find if a listing is continued with listings package

Adrian F. Clark alien at essex.ac.uk
Tue Dec 15 11:35:21 CET 2015


I'm trying to do something literate with listings.sty.  I'm using 
\lstnewenvironment to define a new environment which receives a name as 
an argument, which is passed on via "\lstset{name=}".  I would like to 
do something slightly different in a continued listing of the name and 
the first time it appears.  I have tried things along the lines of

   \csname \@lst @SaveFirstNumber\endcsname
   it's a new listing
   it's a continued listing

but none of my attempts have worked.  Can anyone point me in the right 
direction?  I've attached a minimal example.

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