[texhax] August 2015 TUG news: welcome from Kaveh, conferences, TUGboat

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Tue Aug 4 02:17:31 CEST 2015

Dear TeX users,

This is my first newsletter, having had the honor of being voted in as
the president of TUG. I am excited at the prospect of the two years
ahead and I hope to do even more to serve this wonderful and important
community! I aim to deliver on everything I promised in my candidate's
statement <http://tug.org/election/2015/candidates.html>. Whether you
voted for me, or for my good friend Jim, or did not vote at all, I am
now at your service.

I welcome any ideas and feedback on how my colleagues and I can make TUG
even better. I will be more than happy to receive any suggestions, be it
regarding conferences, education, TUGboat, etc. You can email me
directly (president at tug.org) or if you prefer, the executive committee
(tug-exec at tug.org), or the full board (board at tug.org).

TUG 2015: The recent TUG meeting in Darmstadt was a great success. The
usual camaraderie amongst TeXies was evident, with many of the regulars
making long journeys to get there. The amazing CTAN team used the time
well to compare notes on supporting millions of TeX users. Thanks to
all, especially to Klaus Hoeppner who quietly but efficiently managed
the event. Stefan Kottowitz has written a detailed summary
of the conference.

The DVD image for the 2015 software is at the manufacturer's for
production. All the software is available for download now, from:

Upcoming conferences are as follows:
 ConTeXt in Nasbinals, France, September 14-18:

 GuIT in Trento, Italy, October 17:

The TUGboat proceedings issue is underway, while the deadline for the
next regular issue is 25 September. As always, submissions are
encouraged and and appreciated!

And finally, please don't forget the membership campaign,
http://tug.org/membership, which runs until 31 December, and which gives
you a chance to win your very own Bibby illustration!

Again, happy and excited to be working with you all.

Kaveh Bazargan
TUG President
(on behalf of the TUG Board)

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