[texhax] controlling table locations

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Thu May 15 06:10:15 CEST 2014


> I'm wondering whether it's whorthwhile to help other people at all if
> all they have to say is "I have other things to do".
> I'm pissed off, sorry.
> Tom, if  you are not interested in answers, why on earth do you bother
> us with your stupid questions?

I'm sorry.  I am working on a paper and needed a method.  I recognize
that the code you gave is TeX but I don't understand enough of what is
going on at that level to decode how what you wrote works.  So I have
a choice - to move on or to learn more TeX.  Knuth's book is daunting
... and it has to compete with literally 1600 papers that I ought to
read since they are relevant to what I'm working on ...

Solutions that I understand are best.

     \def\fps at table{h}

\makeatletter - switches to something about cat codes for reasons
I don't know.

\makeatother - switches back.

\def - define something or maybe redefine it ...

\fps - ???
@table{h} - some kind of internal code for table but it's not clear
what it does ... (google for \def\fps didn't help) and it didn't
work for me to switch the h to a p ...

Please continue to answer questions!



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