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Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed May 14 12:52:03 CEST 2014

Hi Selva,

there is some maxim to keep posting to the list.

Selvakumar Nagendran 14 May 2014 at 09:02:
> APP uses Tex as i have attached sample input and output as well.

I don't see output.

I am attaching Untitled.png as APPinput.png so others can follow.

I do not know `\tf=' as a TeX command. I don't know whether it 
could be from LuaTeX, but rather guess that APP uses some own 
packages where \tf is defined. In that case you better look
at APP documentation and/or ask your colleagues and/or the 
APP people, as your company seems to have purchased that software 
for thousands of dollars.

> You see i have used different font to set the equation number (2).

An ordinary way to get an equation number would be

    $$ \alpha + \beta = \gamma \eqno (2) $$

With ordinary LaTeX (rather than with APP?), equations can be 
numbered automatically. You should look at APP documention 
and/or ask colleagues and/or the APP people if that is supported.

> What i need is to change the font size as well.

I would guess attaching `/S=9.5' to the font identifier.

However, choosing fonts at certain places within the text source 
for tiny pieces is a heavily unprofessional way of producing 
documents, funny with APP and TeX made for professional 

With real TeX, you could determine the proper size for equation 
numbers (if you don't like the usual size) for the entire document 
(using macros). With XML/SMGL, a stylesheet should care about this.

>From Wikipedia


"Scientific, technical and medical journal publishing, particularly in India. 
 APP's automation, SGML/XML handling and mathematics formatting mean this 
 complex layout task can be automated."

"APP 'templates' are stylesheets which comprise page layouts, text formatting
 styles and scripting. Scripting is used to automate the publishing process 
 using 'macros', [...]"

I think your company should care that you learn about these things.


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