[texhax] tug and mavericks

Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sun Mar 30 17:32:52 CEST 2014

Dear Professor Neuberger --

>    My wife and I are avid TEX users.  We share three Macs.  On one
> Apple installed Mavericks during a recent visit to Apple store.  Have
> tried to recover my TEXShop setup, which has been working fine
> for years (have written two mathematics books using TEX).
>    Am looking for advice and am willing to join TUG but hope would
> not have to join three times, once for each computer.

I know nothing about /Apple macintoshii/, but a little about
TeX, TUG, and the worldwide TeX community, and I can reassure
you categorically that you do not need to join TUG even once
in order to avail yourself of the wealth of information that
will be willingly offered if you ask questions on the appropriate
fora (TeXhax, the MacTeX list, the TeXlive list and so on).

The only reason for considering joining TUG (other than a desire
to support it in its efforts to support TeX and the TeX cause)
would be in order to qualify from a free TeX Live DVD once per
year, and in order to receive free printed copies of TUGboat
(and, perhaps, to gain cheaper admittance to some TeX-related
conferences).  And even for those benefits, a single membership
will suffice; you may clone the TeXlive DVD as you wish.

Philip Taylor

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