[texhax] Possible problem exists with txfonts

jfbu jfbu at free.fr
Fri Mar 21 08:45:50 CET 2014

Le 20 mars 2014 à 22:47, Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> a écrit :

>> |I believe I have discovered a fault with package txfonts.
>> |
>> |There is a space of some kind - of the order of 1.2pt - on the trailing
>> |edge
>> |of capital S in math mode.
>> |
>> |So if you type: $SSSSSSS$, it will look like what you would expect of:
>> |$S\hspace{1.2pt}S\hspace{1.2pt}.   $
> This (and other) spacing bugs with the txfonts package are well
> known. Use the newtx package.
> Bob T.

I don't see where is the bug, try this with and without txfonts.







To my eyes the X with Knuth's font is far worse than the S of txfonts.

The internet is full of "txfonts bashing" whose origin and justification I have always been curious to know: perhaps the gregarious behavior to re-iterate opinions from community leaders, from close to 15 years ago. I immediately add I know Bob is an expert in fonts having contributed recently many many latex packages to support various fonts, please Bob don't take personally my previous sentence.

and many thanks to Michael Sharpe for his ongoing development of newtxtext and newtxmath which make for an even greater offer to grateful users.


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