[texhax] Latvian Special Characters

Pascal pascal.bernhard at belug.de
Sun Mar 16 19:11:28 CET 2014

Hi all, 

in my master thesis I need to use some special Latvian characters. Since
I'm writing the document in German I use the babel ngerman package in
the preamble.

For most special characters that works, but I hit upon a quite specific
g, I could not get "diplayed" correctly so far: ģ

The technical specifications for this letter are:
UTF-8: 0xC4 0xA3
UTF-16: 0x0123
C oktal dargestelltes UTF-8: \304\243
XML-Dezimal-Entität: ģ 

I came upon this website (http://home.lu.lv/~drikis/TeX/) which provides
"commands" for Latvian letters, but this g it does not work, and since I
do not understand Latvian, I miss the instructions on how to set up the
LaTeX environment in order for the "commands" to work properly.

Here is a minimal example where the ģ is not displayed correctly:


Latvijas Republikas Ekonomikas Ministrija  (2012): Latvijas ener
\v{g}\={e}tika skait\c{l}os  -- Latvian Energy In Figures.

I guess I would have to switch the babel package or something else for
that line, but since I am definitively not a LaTeX expert, I'm at a loss
of how to solve my issue.

Thanks for your kind help,


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