[texhax] multicol updated -- now columns aren't balanced!

Dan Luecking dluecking at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jun 19 18:51:30 CEST 2014

On Thu Jun 19 2014 at 00:27:15 CEST, Hubert Lam 
at lamfamily.info

>The two columns of teacher's names used to be balanced:

[example omitted]

Your example is incomplete. There should be a \begin{minipage} to
balance the \end{minipage}. The preamble is also missing, so we
have no way of telling if you have changed some important parameters.

I get nicely balanced columns with the following minimal file.
Only this was added to the code:
        ... \\
plus a preamble just sufficient to guarantee that it compiles.
My version of multicol is 1.8e.


\paragraph{Class}  (please \ding{52})\\
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M3A -- Mr Zuber
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M3B -- Mr Berry
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M3C -- Mr Lowe
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M4A -- Ms Ziaziaris
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M4B -- Mr Lam
\item[$\bigcirc$] 12M4C -- Mr Ireland



Daniel H. Luecking
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Fayetteville, Arkansas

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