[texhax] Wilson's Title PM Won't Compile

Alessandro Ceschini alescesc1986 at yahoo.it
Wed Feb 26 17:39:51 CET 2014

Hello everybody, I cannot get to compile Wilson's Title PM, I get the 
following error:

! Undefined control sequence.
\titlePM ->\begingroup \drop
                              = 0.1\txtheight \vspace *{\baselineskip } 
l.36 \titlePM


Minimal working example:


     \newcommand*{\titlePM}{\begingroup% Gentle Madness with Printers' 
     \drop = 0.1\txtheight
     %  \rule{1pt}{\txtheight}
         {\noindent\HUGE\bfseries Some\\[0.5\baselineskip] 
         {\Large\itshape Puzzles for the Mind}\\[4\baselineskip]
         {\Large THE AUTHOR}\par
         {\noindent The Publisher}\\[\baselineskip]
         }% end of vbox
     }% end of parbox
       }% end of hbox

/Alessandro Ceschini/

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