[texhax] Varying indentation of lists while keeping wrap alignment

Dr A K Hannaby keith_hannaby at mathshelp.com
Mon Feb 24 18:06:09 CET 2014

Dear Tug



The following code is  based on  an extract from a 1993 pdf document by
Goossens, Mittelback and Samarin


I am using

\documentclass[11pt,a4paper]{amsbook} - with the \enumerate and \enumitem


In the preample, I have



8pt}}    % I've made adjustments here


\renewcommand{\labelenumii}{\theenumii\hspace{0.6pt})\hspace{2.8pt}}  % and

\renewcommand{\p at enumii}{\theenumi.}



And in the body (I'm only interested in enumerated lists)


\item \textbf{Introduction}


      \item \textit{Applications} \newline

      a line, short enough not to need to wrap\hspace{0.6pt};

      \item \textit{Organisation} \newline

      a line which, for very good reasons, is so long that it has no
alternative but to wrap.


   \item \textbf{Literature Survey}

   \item {\textbf{Proposed Research}



The code works perfectly well, but there appears to be no method of varying
the indents to the labels (which at 10mm and 17mm are far too large for my
work) while keeping the wrap alignment.












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