[texhax] BasicTeX on Mac

Richard Koch koch at math.uoregon.edu
Mon Dec 15 16:53:08 CET 2014

Harry Rowe,

BasicTeX does not contain documentation by design. The whole point of BasicTeX
is to provide a small package that can be easily downloaded; it is designed
for people who use standard facilities in TeX and LaTeX.

One possible work around is to use TeX Live Utility to add additional packages.

	https://github.com/amaxwell/tlutility <https://github.com/amaxwell/tlutility>

I don’t know if the documentation is sufficiently separated out from other
material to make this practical.

However, the MacTeX working group has always recommended that most
users, including new users, install the complete MacTeX and thus the
complete TeX Live. These users will entirely avoid the problem you
report and many other difficulties.

Dick Koch

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