[texhax] `lacheck` improvements

Andrew Pennebaker andrew.pennebaker at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 20:05:11 CEST 2014

`lacheck` is a useful tool for improving my .tex code, though it's not

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mcandre/pig/master/analysis.tex $
lacheck analysis.tex
"analysis.tex", line 141: possible unwanted space at "{"
"analysis.tex", line 171: possible unwanted space at "{"
"analysis.tex", line 177: possible unwanted space at "{"
"analysis.tex", line 184: Whitespace before punctation mark in " ."
"analysis.tex", line 185: Dots should be ellipsis "..."
"analysis.tex", line 186: Dots should be ellipsis "..."

$ tail -n +140 analysis.tex | head
data Player = Player {
  name :: String,
  strategy :: Strategy,
  score :: Int
In detail, the information available to a player consists of a rotating
list of players, where the first player in the list is the current player,
and a list of the current player's run (an empty list if the player has not
yet rolled).
The Always Hold strategy disregards game state and always holds; a constant
function. Haskell uses an underscore (\_) to denote conditions irrelevant
to a computation. Both player list and run list are irrelevant, so they may
be underscored from the function inputs. Haskell uses double colons (::) to
specify types for robustness, clarity, and code generation. Many of them
can be omitted (Haskell has a powerful type inference system), but the
signatures shall remain here for readability.

How can we get lacheck to ignore the inner content of verbatimtab sections?
Is there a way to configure lacheck to ignore certain section names, or
would this fix require patching lacheck?

Who can help maintain lacheck? I tried emailing pmcphee at datamirror.com, but
the address seems to be no longer in service.


Andrew Pennebaker
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