[texhax] Printing "bar code" on document

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Wed Oct 2 20:08:30 CEST 2013

Jerry writes:

    I saw this being done with MS Word and an add-on application. I
    would like to know if it can be done with LaTeX.

    I work in a small government office that issues permits. The permits
    are filled in and then printed out. We would like to print out the
    final permit with a bar-code that could later be scanned. Is there a
    package that does that?

there have been several articles in tugboat
about this:

 - Another Approach to Barcodes
   Peter Willadt

 - The EAN barcodes by TeX
   Petr Ol\v{s}\'ak

 - Generating barcodes with LuaTeX
   Patrick Gundlach

there are also quite a few packages on ctan,
listed at

a somewhat more extensive list of possibilities
will result from entering "barcode" as a search
term at

there are quite a few different "styles" of
barcodes, so knowing which one you need is the
first step.
						-- bb

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