[texhax] FW: xelatex in Windows 7? an update

Dr CL Tondo drtondo at t3works.com
Fri May 24 12:35:07 CEST 2013



Apparently the culprit is not xelatex but the ksh shell I have running in
Windows 7.

xelatex seems to run OK in cmd.exe

But latex runs fine in the same shell.


Thanks again,




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Subject: xelatex in Windows 7?




I installed TeXLive from a DVD I purchased from TeXLive on Windows 7.

latex works fine with test.tex

xelatex, on the same test.tex, produces on the screen


                [1] + Done(134) xelatex test.tex

                    6648 Abort xelatex


xelatex.exe appears under /texlive/2012/bin/win32 and it has 3072 bytes.


I reinstalled everything using 




but I obtained the same result with xelatex aborting.


Ideas? Thanks,



drtondo at t3works.com

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