[texhax] Latin Modern with Computer Modern-compatible metrics

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jun 23 00:44:06 CEST 2013

Alex, I'm afraid there is no royal road to retypesetting with different
fonts while simultaneously preserving every line break.  But maybe the
AE fonts will come closer than either LM or CM-Super.  As I understand
it (I've never actually used them), what you want to do is exactly their
intended purpose.


P.S. For the record 1, Latin Modern is very similar to Computer Modern
(as you might guess from the name; the Poles started from CM); calling
it a different design is unwarranted.  Though, as has been seen, it is
not identical in every detail -- e.g., they have made several changes
that Knuth has said he wished he had made in CM before he froze it.  We
had a discussion about the differences on the tex-live list a few years
ago, with the conclusion that although the incompatibilities could be
counted on one hand, that was enough to make it unfeasible to switch to
it by default.  By "switch" in this case, I mean using the CM metrics
with the LM glyphs (by changing the map file), not using the LM metrics
by default, that was clearly a nonstarter since any metrics change
however tiny is unacceptable.  Anyway, that approach won't help Alex as
far as I can see since it won't change the available glyph set.

P.P.S. For the record 2, it is not true that cm-super is the "default"
font.  Please try to avoid making or believing such rash statements :).
It is the default only in LaTeX *and* only if [T1]{fontenc} (or similar)
specified.  If one simply runs plain TeX or "plain LaTeX" without
loading anything to change fonts, you get (and always will get, as far
as I'm concerned) Knuth's Computer Modern.  For pdf(la)tex, you the
originally-bluesky-now-AMS Type1 fonts are used in the output PDF.
Neither LM nor CM-Super are involved.

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