[texhax] Differentiating sentences in a paragraph

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Thu Jan 17 10:36:05 CET 2013

2013/1/17 Neal H. Walfield <neal at walfield.org>:
> It is so common, in fact, that Emacs offers sentence motion commands
> (M-e, M-a) to move the mark between sentences.  Emacs recognizes the
> end of a sentence period by looking to see whether it is followed by
> two spaces.  This functionality was documented in GNU Emacs 18.59,
> which was released on October 30, 1992.  Version 18.59 is the earliest
> version that I found.  Most likely it was added even earlier.

fmt(1) can do the same:
- s   Collapse whitespace inside lines, so that multiple whitespace
      characters are turned into a single space.  (Or, at the end of a
      sentence, a double space.)

It's probably older than emacs 18.59


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