[texhax] Inconsolata font. Also Helvetica.

Rolf Turner r.turner at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Jan 10 23:55:10 CET 2013

I am doing something which seems to require the availability of
the "inconsolata" font.  (I won't go into details on the "something" --- it
involves the R statistical package and converting R document ion "*.Rd"
files to *.tex files and then processing these to create *.pdf files.  I 
can go
into more detail if it seems to be relevant.)

I googled around a bit and found some advice which first indicated that I
needed to have "texlive" installed.  Apparently I didn't have this --- 
I've recently
acquired a new laptop and a new Linux system, Fedora 17 which I am still
trying to configure to my satisfaction.  (In the past I have used 
Ubuntu, but
had to switch, for reasons that I won't go into.)

Anyhow  I did

     sudo yum install texlive

and that seemed to work OK.  The advice then said I had to do:

     sudo yum install texlive-inconsolata, texlive-inconsolata-font

but this resulted in the message:

> No package texlive-inconsolata, available.
> No package texlive-inconsolata-font available.

Can someone please give me some (simple?) explicit recipe for getting
the inconsolata font installed on my machine?



         Rolf Turner

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