[texhax] Entering horizontal lines between items

Jerry jerry at seibercom.net
Wed Jan 9 16:35:15 CET 2013

I hope I can explain this in a manner that can be understood.

I quite often create documents that look something like this:

Item1: _________________________ Item2: _______________
Item3: _____ Item4: __________________ Item5: _________

These documents can be several pages long. Basically, what I need to do
is enter the item and then a line to the next item. Since the item can
appear at random positions on the page, tabbing does not really work
well. Nor do tables. I can do this easily in MS Word since it is a
WYSIWYG environment. However, all I seem to be able to do in Latex is
use a trial & error method. I know that there has to be a an easier
way. I can use a "\hrulefill" for the last items on each line; however,
the other ones require more work.

I did find a package "showframe"; however, that does not give me enough
information to precisely enter the line lengths. Is there a package
that is finer grain than that? Is there a package that can determine
the horizontal distance between two points in a document? I have not
even begun to get involved with vertical spacing yet.


Jerry ♔

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