[texhax] [RESOLVED] Adding bookmarks to present

Suresh Govindachar sgovindachar at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 20 07:27:09 CET 2012

[ Correction to the name of the manual the study of which led to the
resolution -- not the pdflatex manual but the pdftex manual:
http://www.tug.org/texmf-dist/doc/pdftex/manual/pdftex-l.pdf ]

  Earlier, I asked about adding bookmarks to the plain TeX
  presentation "package" present http://tug.ctan.org/pkg/present
  I finally figured it out!  By reading the pdflatex manual!
  Briefly, here's how to modify present's manual
  HowToTalkTeX.tex to get it to show bookmarks:
  1) run pdftex on HowToTalkTeX.tex and open the resulting pdf
     -- when I do so, I get an error message -- which I ignore.
     This step is here just to show that this error message is
     not caused by the following Steps (2,3).

  2) Add the following toward the top of the file:

     /PageMode /UseOutlines
   \pdfoutline goto name {title}                          { How To Do A Talk
In TeX  }
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmmotivation}                   { Motivation
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmrequirements}                 { Requirements
   \pdfoutline goto name {basicexamples}         count -2 { Basic Examples
   \pdfoutline goto name {basicexamples}                  { Basic Examples
1/2       }
   \pdfoutline goto name {basicexamplesb}                 { Basic Examples
2/2       }
   %\pdfoutline goto name {bmordinarystuff}                { Ordinary stuff
   \pdfoutline goto page 6 {/Fit}                         { Ordinary Stuff
via Page # }
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmfonts}                        { Fonts
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmcolors}              count 2  { Colours
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmcolors}                       { Colours 1/2
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmcolorsb}                      { Colours 2/2
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmpapersize}                    { Paper Size
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmimages}                       { Images
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmslidestructure}      count -2 { Slide Structure
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmslidestructure}               { Slide Structure
1/2      }
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmslidestructureb}              { Slide Structure
2/2      }
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmlinks}               count -2 { Links
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmlinks}                        { Links 1/2
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmlinksb}                       { Links 2/2
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmbackgroundimages}             { Background
Images        }
   \pdfoutline goto name {bmconcludingremarks}            { Concluding
Remarks       }

  3) Create targets by modifying appropriate lines 
     by adding "\target{}" as indicated below:

   mod> \line{\hfil\normalfont Matthias Meister\hfil}\target{title}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfill Motivation}\target{bmmotivation}%

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Requirements}\target{bmrequirements}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Basic Examples}\target{basicexamples}

   mod> \NewSlide\target{basicexamplesb}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Ordinary stuff}\target{bmordinarystuff}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Fonts}\target{bmfonts}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Colours}\target{bmcolors}

   mod> \NewSlide\target{bmcolorsb}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Paper Size}\target{bmpapersize}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\vbox to
0pt{\kern-5mm\image[width10mm]{Stern.png}\vss}\hfil Images}\target{bmimages}

   mod> If only {\cf width} is given, the image is scaled with the aspect
ratio preserved.\target{Images}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Slide Structure}\target{bmslidestructure}

   mod> if a slide is to be shown incrementally.}\target{bmslidestructureb}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Links}\target{bmlinks}

   mod> \char'175\char'173}{\it

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Background Images}\target{bmbackgroundimages}

   mod> \SlideTitle{\hfil Concluding Remarks}\target{bmconcludingremarks}

That's it!


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